Take Time for You. You're Worth It.

Weekly drop-in support group for all female-identifying victims and survivors of domestic violence.

Drop-ins Welcome

No need to pre-register.

Childcare Provided

Our childcare advocate is always onsite, so no need to call ahead.

Flexible & Adaptable

The group is designed to be flexible and very adaptable to the needs of the attendees, so topic requests are welcome, and topics are sometimes reviewed out of order. Email the facilitator, Julia Rowland: juliar@skagitdvsas.org for more information.

Pyscho-Educational Group

A new topic is explored each week. After a brief check-in, the group moves on to the weekly topic.

10-Week, Revolving Curriculum

Topics are introduced on a revolving cycle, beginning with, "What is abuse? What does the cycle of domestic violence look like?" On to common responses to abuse, coping skills, self-image and self-talk, boundaries, healthy relationships, and more. We wrap up our final weeks of the cycle with self-care and goal setting. Then we begin again exploring the nature of abuse and domestic violence.