Intern Opportunities

Interns practice advocacy-based counseling and crisis intervention in a supervised setting. This direct-service opportunity provides hands on application and social service experience to fulfill your academic requirements. Interns are required to successfully complete an agency 42-hour Advocacy Core Training prior to their internship start date. Call or email the agency Volunteer Coordinator for information on our next Advocacy Core Training.

Systems Advocacy Intern

Provide support to victims and survivors at a community-based level. The Systems Advocacy Intern enhances client’s ability to navigate the civil/criminal legal justice systems for trauma-informed services.

Hotline Advocate

Provide advocacy-based counseling services to victims of DV/SA from our 24/7 hotline. Volunteers will provide crisis intervention and resource referral from home, or from a confidential offsite location of their choice. Volunteer advocates may be called to respond to clients at local hospitals.

Direct Service Advocate

Provide advocacy services with clients in-person, at our admin office and in community settings. Volunteer advocates will provide general advocacy, crisis intervention, legal advocacy, and medical advocacy services to clients experiencing the effects of DV/SA..

Sexual Assault Program Intern

Provide ongoing support for SA advocates and coordinators. Research and provide best-practice for clients experiencing sexual assault. This is a direct-service position and will require completion of our agency training.

To submit your application, choose one of the following options:

  • To apply electronically, email an application to with “Volunteer Application” in the subject heading.
  • You can also bring your application to our administrative office, located at 1521 Leigh Way, Mount Vernon, WA.
  • You may mail your application to: PO Box 301, Mt Vernon, WA 98273
  • Applications can also be faxed to: 360-336-9593
  • You may also upload the scanned application via our secure web form, below: