What We Do

Services are provided to clients free of charge and are supported financially by donations. This includes information and referral for victims of domestic violence, their families and friends, and other service providers.

Call Skagit DVSAS 24/7 at 1-888-336-9591 **collect calls are accepted.

Emergency Shelter Services

We provide temporary shelter in a confidential location for victims of domestic violence and their children. These services include:

    • Food and clothing
    • Children's services
    • Information and referral
    • Support Groups
    • Advocacy
    • Domestic Violence Education

Legal Advocacy

    • Legal information and education
    • Criminal processes
    • Referral for legal representation
    • Civil processes
    • Assistance with protection orders
    • Other legal issues
    • Community Support Groups
    • Support groups are available for women who are or have been physically, emotionally or sexually abused

Community Education

Speakers, trainings, and workshops are available.

For more information on Skagit DVSAS' ongoing workshop and training offerings, call (360) 336-9591 or email heidir@skagitdvsas.org