Domestic Violence Warning Signs

No one deserves to be abused. The following may be warning signs of existing abuse.


    • Wants to be with you constantly
    • Accuses you of cheating
    • Follows you around or frequently calls you during the day
    • Odd behaviors like checking your car mileage or asking friends to check in on you

Controlling Behavior

    • Makes excuses for controlling behavior by pretending to be concerned for your safety, or concerned you use your time well
    • Acts like you don’t have the ability to make good decisions
    • Becomes extremely angry when you are late
    • Constantly ask questions about who you spend your time with, what you did, wore, said, where you went
    • Makes you ask permission to do certain things

Quick Involvement

    • Six months or less before living together or engaged
    • Claims love at first sight
    • Says you are the only one who can make him/her feel this way
    • Pressure you for commitment
    • Asks to become exclusive or even to marry in the first few weeks/months of dating

Unrealistic Expectations

    • Compliments you in a way that makes you seem superhuman
    • Becomes very dependent you for all of their needs
    • Expects you to be perfect
    • Says things like: “I am all you need. You are all I need.”


    • Tries to cut off all your resources
    • Puts down everyone you know
    • He/she will criticize your friends or accuse you of cheating with them
    • Says your family is too controlling, don’t really love you, or you are too dependent on them
    • Refuse to let you use car or talk on phone
    • Makes it difficult for you to go to school or work

Blames Others for Problems

    • If there are problems at school or work it is always someone else’s fault
    • You are blamed for everything that goes wrong in the relationship

Blames Others for Feelings

Makes you responsible for how they feel, for example: "You make me so happy."