Domestic Violence Forms

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Safety Plan

Planning for your safety is a life saving tool. This fill in the blank safety plan will assist you and your family members in better preparing for action in the face of a violence.

Download: Safety Plan (PDF)

Victim’s Rights

If you are the victim of domestic violence, you may ask the city or county prosecuting attorney to file a criminal complaint. You also have the right to file a petition in superior, district or municipal court requesting an order for protection from domestic abuse, which could include any of the following:

  • an order restraining your abuser from further acts of abuse;
  • an order directing your abuser to leave your household;
  • an order preventing your abuser from entering your residence, school, business or place of employment;
  • an order awarding you or the other parents custody of or visitation with your minor child or children; and
  • an order restraining your abuser from molesting or interfering with minor children in your custody. The forms needed to obtain a protection order are available in any municipal, district or superior court.

Protective Orders Available for WA State

Definitions and Forms